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Fionna Hesketh

‘Rodmarton Manor’ Brooch, green vitreous enamel on copper

‘Rodmarton Manor’ Brooch, green vitreous enamel on copper

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This green vitreous enamel brooch is part of a small collection of pieces I made for an exhibition with the Gloucestershire Guild of Crafts who collaborated with the Arts and Crafts house 'Rodmarton  Manor’ . The inspiration came from the finely chased patterned work seen on some fireside pokers inside the house.

The brooch measures 47mm x 57mm and is enamelled on the reverse where there is a double stainless steel pin for attachment. This style of pin enables the brooch to be worn anyway up securely.

The brooch can be worn on heavier, denser fabrics. Not suitable for finer fabrics.

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